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Why So Serious?

So Cheryl & I finally got down to taking our programme photos last Thursday. We went crazyyyy! We kept insisting that we had to be the duo with the most photos, but eventually Lynno and Benny still beat us anyway :(
A really nice candid!
Apparently, we were the first group to bring more than one outfit. Here’s a couple of photos of us in our “Not so serious” mood.

& of course, the fun times. I brought two pairs of eyewear as props for the shoot. It included a pair of printed-eyes-specs that I bought from a prank shop in Taiwan. Here’s the most-liked photo in the album when I posted it up on Facebook.

This is a polaroid that we took for the RHW board. Love how I look so bimbo, HAHAHHAA.

Rushed down to town to meet my darling Sophia. We had a great catch up session and the girl bought me yogurt! Was super craving Yami but by the time we got there it was sold out! :(

yoguru has an insanely large serving!

Mondays are long school days for me, but only because I have a 6 hour break. Last week, I decided to follow Trecia, Violet and Wenwen as they had a focus group to attend.

We bought Koi bubble tea then hung around Central until it was 7pm, and time for Chinese class. I realised I’ve changed my mindset towards taking Chinese Presentation as a module. I used to be soooo embarrassed to share my elective combination, but now I’m really fine with it.

I don’t really see it helping me yet, but it’s really fun and stress-free so far. The only downside would be that it’s the reason why I end school at 9pm, two days in a row.

Did a voiceover project for *Scape (the same day Copeland had their “secret” performance!). It was for Avatar Mum, an initiative for parents to be more aware of what their children are up to and the dangers they face on the web. I was supposed to be a robot so I was mainly… monotonous. HAHAHA Video is now up on Facebook!

(can’t seem to embed the video!)

*Scape Cinematic Shoot

One of the things I really wanted to blog about was my experience whilst doing a shoot.

Some of you might know that I do group photoshoots but I’m not referring to that (haven’t done those in a long long time). On 30th December 2009 I was part of a shoot which required me to say lines and required lots of post production. The end result — which i had a sneak preview of today, is going to be aired in all Golden Village theatres as a trailer from end Feb? Yes, very exciting!! the *Scape Cinematic Trailer to promote the new *scape building just next to cine!

So i went for casting 2 weeks prior to the shoot and managed to get through along with 4 others.

Went there looking like this. No idea why my eyes were abnormally huge that day.
Waited our turn. Everything was professional. We got our scripts and had to sit and rehearse them and say the lines over so that it met requirements and just to check if we had unwanted accents.
taking the “guys photo”. That’s Lyon, Hirzi and Roshan (from left to right).

I was first. & nervous. & evidently wearing the wrong shirt + shoes and having the wrong hairstyle. (You’ll know when you watch the trailer).

No photos of myself yet cause official production photos aren’t out yet and I didn’t have an awesome compact camera at that point of time.

Lyon went next. Check out all the lighting and equipment.
then Roshan
and Hirzi
and lastly, Michelle.

I also just received these in the mail yesterday. The manager of Grid MMS from *Scape sent these brochures to me. Exciting. I’m on a brochure. AHAHAHA

Okay so i said i was wearing the wrong shirt cause it totally made me look fat (please refer to pic above) and the wrong shoes cause I’m the shortest one there to start with ): The wrong hair because my fringe, which usually rests on my eyelashes, were in the way and the make up artist had to first spray it. This resulted in hard clump which still refused to stay up. The hard clumps were then pinned up = uggs ):

so i look like an lao aunty with too much makeup and childish hair in my first appearance in a cinematic trailer ):

this is the amount of makeup i had on after the shoot

But nevermind I believe that are more opportunities and this brings me to another incident. I was telling my Haji girls (namely Shuting and Sophia) that day that I think I’m going to be popular and famous and they totally disregarded my comment and gave me a -__- face.

Thank you Violet and Wenwen who have gotten my signature in preparation for the future. And to my other mcm & heatwave mates who believe I’ll be making it big. HAHAHHAHA LOVE YOU GUYSZZZ.