Congratulations Asiarooms Social Travel Stars!
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Congratulations Asiarooms Social Travel Stars!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I participated in the Social Travel Star competition for their search to find new host for their brand new Youtube travel series. The finals took place at the Drama Black Box at the National Library. Our panel of judges included Samuel Seow (Celebrity Lawyer), Choy (from May & Choy) and two others from the Asiarooms team. I definitely had a fun time during our session and I really enjoyed watching all the other 9 teams try their best as well.

Here’s vivi & I! So glad we got together to participate in this competition together! I think we only have nice things to say about each other!

Us with the only guy duo group – Jim and Julius!


Group photo! (from left) Michelle, Juu, Fiona, Joanne, Nikki


All in all, I’m glad for the experience, the people I met, the amazing team behind the whole competition and of course the awesome people at! I’m really humbled by some of the feedback Vivi and I received and it’s definitely not the last you’ll be seeing of us!

Finally, congratulations to both Adam and Kelly! (both who I believe are in KL reviewing their first hotel already!!!

  • ostrova

    May 5, 2012at2:35 am Reply

    Juu… it’s Choy (from May and Choy). Hahahaa!! it’s confusing… i know! Again, great job to u and vivi!! better make sure it’s not the last we’ll be seeing both of u!

    • Juu

      May 5, 2012at10:38 am Reply

      Ahh, I knew that!!! Ahahah made a mental note to make sure I got that right but I still made the mistake in the end. No worries we’ll take over your screens very soon!!! :D

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