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Transformers The Ride PressCon & Launch Party!

Transformers The Ride Press Conference & Launch Party took place on 2nd Dec, Friday to celebrate the worldwide premier of the first ever 3D Transformer ride. Michael Bay, director and executive producer of the popular Transformers movie series was also in town to promote the ride. I had the privilege of attending the event and experiencing the ride before the official launch the next day! Thanks to R3LOAD NETWORK!

The event started with the press conference, then the ride experience after.

Michael Bay and Thierry Coup

Photos above are of the holding areas one would pass when waiting for the ride (waiting times are estimated to be 1.5 hours long). The different areas are designed to allow visitors to understand the ride, even if they’ve never watched Transformers before. For the full walkthrough, watch the video below!!!

There is also a merchandise store and a sci-fi themed cafe located at the ride!!! Too cute!

This is EVAC – The brand new robot created for the purpose of this ride. During the entire ride you play Evac and go through his quest to defend the Nest. The ride is all sorts of amazing and you should really try it if given the chance! It’s had great 3D visuals and it far surpassed my expectations of a simulation ride!!

At 8pm, the launch party was due to start. Here’s the stage. Michael Bay made his grand appearance in a yellow chevy no less.

On stage with Bumblebee

For more detail of what happened that day/ more visuals/ to see me covering the event, do watch the video of me presenting on r3load.net! And of course a photo to end off this entry…

Who else but the man himself? Enjoy!


Scape Without Borders Pilot Episode

An initiative of *Scape and GRIDMMS, Stage Without Borders is an all-talent competition open to youths under the age of 35 years old. I had the opportunity to host the Pilot Episode on 2nd October at *Scape’s Level 2 Warehouse. I’ve mentioned countless times that hosting and emcee-ing is really something I enjoy doing, but one huge reason why I really enjoy events like these is because of the wonderful people I get to meet along the way. The organisers, the stage crew, the judges and the contestants.

Here are a couple of photos I managed to grab off the Stage Without Borders Facebook page.

Info Vybez

Maressa Zahidah, youtube singing sensation and one of the sweetest girl I met that night.

Jack Froze, magician and cook

Guest performer for the night, Siti Zahidah

Judge’s Choice Winner for SWB Pilot Episode, Kamsani

Winner for SWB Pilot Episode, Fresh Elements!

I’ll also be hosting Stage Without Borders Episode 1, which will be held on 11 December so watch out for it! Do leave a comment!

Nostalgic and Patriotic

So it has been long again.

Quick update here, twitter followers should know, I emcee-ed with one of my Year 2 lecturers, Jason for this year’s Ngee Ann Poly National Day Celebration Concert 2010. Great experience, made me feel exceptionally patriotic this year :b

Emcees, Jason and myself

rah rah-ing! check out the cool LED clappers!

decked in red

All in all, it was really enjoyable. What a way to end off my unofficial last day at school and to get to know lecturers like Ms Hong. Yes, it is almost the end of my poly journey already. it’s been crazy. I just went through a 5 day almost-no-sleep routine and then proceeded into a 17-hour sleep coma.

Soon, in early Oct I’m heading off to an advertising company for internship, but meanwhile there are going to be some exciting things along the way :D

This year has been pretty good to me so far :)